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Mr. Kevin is our expert tailor who works on site 3 days a week – Mon, Wed, & Sat. He started out as a tailoring apprentice in Seul, Korea. Sewing education was not easily accessible back then as many master tailors were afraid that they would loose apprentices that they would not allow them to learn tailoring so quickly. He started out by practicing with needles and moved on to sewing techniques, followed pattern, sewing pants, vests, and jackets. Each step would take several months to master. In total, he spent 4 years to master the skills. No body could alter a suit as impressive as Mr. Kevin. Once done, it fits as you had it custom-made.  He also has over decade of experience in wedding gown, bridesmaid gown, and prom dress alterations.  We are PROUD to say that he is the best tailor in town.


We have a full alteration and tailoring department.  Please see the list below for your 

alterations and tailoring needs.

  • Hemming of dresses, skirts and pants

  • Letting out and taking in of dresses, skirts, and pants

  • Shorten or lengthen pant or skirt hem

  • Taper unlined pant legs

  • Shorten sleeves on shirt, coat, and jackets

  • Take in or let out waistband of pants or skirt

  • Nip in fabric around hips on pant, skirt or dress

  • Replacing a zipper and fabric tears

  • Replacing buttons, fasteners and zippers

  • Patching jacket elbows, jeans, pants, and uniforms

  • Repairing and altering leather jackets and pants

  • Repairing quilts

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