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White Bedroom

household items

Bedding| blankets| pillows

Rustic Bed with Pillows

Our facility has the equipment and washing machine large enough to accommodate your blankets, pillow, and bedding needs.   A home washing machine may be too small for a queen or king size blanket or the household items can be tough on the machine.  Either way our professionally trained staff will take care of those washable items for you.   If the items are non-washable, we offer specialized cleaning on site.  They will determine the best method of cleaning to handle your items


As you trust us with your valuable garments, you will be happy with your window coverings as well.  Our professional staff clean your favorite draperies and curtains and present them them folded on hangers for you.


Area rugs

Carpet in Living Room

At NYCE cleaners, we understand that your living, dinning, and bedrooms rugs can be difficult to clean at home.  To avoid the headache and save time to spend with your family, it is easier and worry-free to bring them to us.  With our expertise in cleaning, we will ensure that they are returned to you almost as new.

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